Vegan chocolate fridge cake with strawberries and pistachios

This recipe is inspired by the man himself, Jamie Oliver. My respect for him stems not only from the fact that he is an all round great guy, but from the fact that he has made the term 'glug' an acceptable metric to be used in recipes. Props to you, Jamie.


Now onto the fridge cake. I remember the first time my Mum made this cake - It was Easter and I had unwittingly given up chocolate for Lent. She could have given me some warning, but I digress. When I finally discovered it in the freezer, I knew in my heart that my chocolate abstinence would not last. I do not have the willpower of a Saint. Nor do I have particularly religious inclinations. But I decided it was best to compromise, and found myself, numerous times a day/night, sneaking into the kitchen to grab a delicious morsel whenever nobody was around. It doesn't count if nobody sees it, right?


That has been my mantra towards food ever since. Which might perhaps by why all the quizzes answer 'apple' when I try to decipher my body shape. As if I didn't know already. 


6 Pana chocolate Cacao Bars, or 250-270g raw vegan chocolate
1/4 cup pistachios
8 or 9 freeze dried strawberries, plus a few extra for garnish
4 tablespoons coconut cream
2 teaspoons coconut oil


1. Using the double boiler method, start melting the chocolate over boiling water. Once it starts to do it's thing, add 2 tablespoons of the coconut cream. Don't panic if the chocolate is a bit lumpy and the consistency that regular chocolate becomes when you have burnt it (I did) because this ain't regular chocolate, yo.
3. Keep melting the chocolate, and then add the two extra tablespoons of coconut cream. Mix well, and add in the coconut oil. You should have a thick ganache like bowl of chocolate that looks a bit lumpy but actually looks exactly how it is supposed to. 
4. In the same bowl, add your pistachios. Use your hands to roughly crush the freeze dried strawberries, and add them too. Put the mixture into a mini loaf tin, and freeze for two hours. 
5. Run a knife around your cake and it should plop out nicely. Decorate and serve! Also, pls keep in the fridge/freezer. You guys know.