Save The Children Syria Appeal e-book

This post is a little different today, but I promise I'm not boring you without a good reason, so pls bare with me. With all the terrible events that seem to be going on in the world right now, it struck me last year that I am incredibly lucky to be in the place that I am in life, both geographically and otherwise, and how I really should be doing something with that relative affluence I have been given.


I don't mean affluence in a wanky way, like a 'getting gold fillings for fun' or 'bathing in Dom because I can' type stuff. I grew up in a loving, supportive household, in a safe, democratic country. I can pay my own rent, and I have enough of an income that I can buy myself trinkets, get my nails done, and buy myself zucchini flowers just because they're pretty. In the scheme of things, I am affluent, and I am lucky.


So I decided to use my love of food and cooking for good, and that's why I created an e-book. The e-book has 12 recipes, all vegetarian and gluten free. 100% of the profits made are being donated to Save The Children's Syrian appeal. Syrian Children have not had the same luck as I have had. Born in a war torn, devastated country, they don't have the same opportunity to experience a great childhood, an education, and a chance to do whatever they want in life. 


Recipes in the e-book range from satay tofu burgers, to a salted banana and Nutella tart, to the least shit chia pudding you will have in a long time. There are three breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts, all of which I make and eat at home on the regular. It retails for $14.99AUD, and 100% of that money is being donated to Save The Children's Syrian Appeal.


Even if you think that I'm boring and rubbish and terrible, by buying the e-book you'll be donating to an extremely worthy cause. As a part of a society that has everything we need to survive and flourish, I think it is our responsibility to help those who might not. 


You can purchase the e-book through the link on my website page here, and I really hope you do.