Georgeats New York City

If you follow me on ye olde gram, you may be aware that I recently visited New York and am subsequently low key obsessed with it. Despite having an enormous list of foodie places to hit up, many of the places we ultimately ended up loving were suggestions from friends, strangers on the street, or happy accidents as a result of one too many margaritas and an impatience for walking to our next destination. We spent the majority of our time in New York staying in the Lower East Side (LES if you fancy sounding like a local/I can't guarantee locals call it this) at Sixty Hotel, which was a walking or biking distance from basically all our favourite places, particularly considering the gorgeous weather we had throughout the duration of our stay.

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I ate at so many places that my emergency fat jeans I packed are now just 'my jeans' but here are my top five places to eat in New York, in no particular order: 

Cheese Grille

We visited this little grilled cheese sandwich shop in Lower East Side (essentially next door to Sixty Hotel) so many times we were actually embarrassed each time we returned. The owner even confirmed our fears by mentioning that he started recognising us after a few return trips. They have gluten free bread (Yay/did not expect) and the most divine 'Mediterranean' toastie, with two types of cheese, basil, tomato and truffle oil. This would absolutely be my pick - although I never bothered to try anything else, my sister did, and she promptly returned to ordering the Mediterranean. Lesson to be learned? Trying new things is a terrible idea. We had every intention of also trying the banana and nutella toastie (fourth time is a charm, ammirite guys?) but unfortunately our eyes are (or were, before all the eating) quadriple the size of our stomaches. Unfortunately we didn't stop at any point to take a photo of our grilled cheeses because they were actually that good, but trust me on this one. 

Cafe Henrie

This cute little retro cafe was one of my favourite meals in NYC. The shop itself is small and retro, with brightly coloured tables alternating in blue or pink. Some may also call this an Instagrammers dream. Although the decor was a winner, the food was even better. I ordered the rainbow bowl with mixed grains (gluten free as it's quinoa and rice in coconut milk) and my sister had the acai bowl with a chai latte. The benefit of having a sister is that I get to try two meals for one, and I certainly took advantage of that in this instance. I am pleased to report both options were equally heavenly. 

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Goa Taco

We discovered this by happy accident, as (being the sloths we are) we had been perusing Uber Eats (only out of curiousity, I swear...) and were intrigued by the concept of Indian style tacos wrapped in paratha. After an embarrassing desire to appear knowledgeable when taking friends out for dinner, and inadvertently taking them halfway across the city to a place closed on Mondays, Goa Taco became our fallback plan, and one that we did not regret. As with every place I went in NYC, Goa Taco was super accomodating in regards to gluten free, and made my taco into a salad bowl topped with corn chips. I had the paneer cheese, spinach pesto, garam masala fried chickpea and tomatillo taco (yes I am reading off the website because it was so good and I had a margarita beforehand and got lost in the moment) and it was honestly one of my favourite meals of the entire trip. 



Egg Shop

After a few failed attempts of getting here (being unaware of a long weekend is not a hot tip) we finally made it and had no ragrets. I had something called a Spandex which I remember because I was a bit embarrassed to ask my attractive waiter for a Spandex. It certainly helped I had had an extra large glass of prosecco before doing so.  The Spandex was essentially a light bowl of vibrantly dressed vegetables and pickles and yes, you guessed it, eggs! At Egg Shop! Crazy!  But in all seriousness it was delicious, and so was the Indian style one my sister ordered, and so were the almond milk iced lattes. All round winner for a lighter, healthy lunch. 



By Chloe

By Chloe is an entirely vegan 'fast food' place that will change the way you think about vegan food, I promise. I myself am not a vegan, but I ordered the black bean and avo burger (on a gluten free bun, which was a lot better than your average gf bread) and I honestly felt like I was having a sinfully delicious (to excuse my Will and Grace reference for the die hards) Maccas burger, in the absolute best sense. It tasted delightfully junk like, yet was filled with interesting and exciting flavours that gave it depth no Maccas burger could achieve. I would also recommend the sweet potato fries and the pink lemonade, because damn. If you happen to go to the Bleeker Street establishment and brave the queue, you can reward yourself with a cake from the By Chloe cake store next door - this one below is both vegan and gluten free (!!) and tasted like none of the above. So good. 

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