FODMAP friendly and idiot friendly fried rice

If you're familiar with my Instagram account, the picture component of this recipe is something you will already have seen, numerous times in different bowls and on different backdrops. One was a Japanese newspaper which was, as it turns out, advertising male prostitution, but they say all publicity is good publicity, so I feel I've still come out a winner. And perhaps so has the Japanese male prostitute industry.


This fried rice is my go to for all occasions, particularly in recent times, what with my disobedient digestive system. Without sounding like a perky green smoothie drinking yoga pant wearing 'health blogger' sort - I love cooking a big batch of this and having it in the fridge for those days when I'm busy working, can't be bothered, or am deathly hungover (that last one might be slightly less yoga pants-y, I can't be sure) 


I have put my ingredients up merely as a guideline - you can creatively flourish as much as you desire. Brown rice (which I've not found overly FODMAP friendly) is a good substitution, but you can add garlic, shallots, meat, tofu - whatever. The only things that are non negotiable are: a) some form of rice b) some form of vegetable(s) c) peanut oil and d) Tamari. 



1 cup of white rice
1 large carrot, diced
1/2 large red capsicum, diced
5 odd snow peas, chopped
2 bunches of pak choi, chopped
2 eggs
2+ tablespoons peanut oil
2+ tablespoons Tamari 



1. Fill a large pot with water, and then bring it to the boil. Once boiling, add your rice, and continue to cook, turning down the heat slightly until the rice is done. You can use the absorption method if you desire, but I tend to fuse my pot and white together whenever I try.
2. In a wok or large saucepan, add a decent amount of peanut oil (2+ tablespoons) and add your hardest veg first. For me, that was carrot.
3. Once this is cooked through (about 5-10 minutes for carrot) add the next hardest veg, and continue in this fashion until everything is done.
4. Add the rice, and turn the heat up to high. Combine everything thoroughly, and then add the Tamari. Continue mixing until your rice is a nice golden colour.
5. Shuffle your rice to one side, and crack your eggs onto the pan. Scramble them up, and allow to cook completely (moving them around as they cook) before stirring them into the fried rice.
6. Optional: you can top your fried rice with a fried egg. You can serve with anything, but I've added a few chives. Dinner is done. Freeze some if you have leftovers - that day after ten too many champagnes will thank you for it.