Watermelon, haloumi and asian herb salad with a sesame lime dressing

Real talk: I could easily inhale a Christmas family lunch sized plate of watermelon haloumi salad. I was introduced to the concept of it by the man, the legend - Jamie Oliver. It goes without saying - the man will never lead you astray. I've spruced it up a bit with a bit of an asian twist, which happened mainly due to my overzealous herb purchasing at the markets with no real idea or purpose for said herbs. 


Aside from the haloumi <3 my favourite aspect of this salad is the (optical) illusion of real effort and skill. The most effortful (new word?) aspect is sourcing Vietnamese mint and thai basil, depending on where you live.  



1/2 medium watermelon, sliced
1 packet of haloumi, cut in half lengthwise and then into four steaks
handful each of Vietnamese mint and Thai basil
juice and zest of 1 lime
1-2 teaspoons sesame oil



1. Grab a pan and heat the stove to a medium - high heat. Spray a tiny bit of oil onto the pan and then chuck your haloumi on. Cook it until it's pretty and brown but be careful because it can burn pretty quickly.
2. Mix together the lime juice, lime zest and sesame oil and set aside. 
3. Chop your herbs roughly and slice the watermelon. Assemble on an aesthetically pleasing plate and bam, you are done.