Ridiculously good peanut butter

I have never made peanut butter before now. Before I had my food processor it wasn't even viable, and even after I got it, I remained unconvinced that the extra effort would be worth it. Walking to the condiments aisle of Coles doesn't take much effort, after all. However, with the rise of, and my new found love for, artisan (read: expensive yet delicious) peanut butter, I thought I should at least see whether my efforts could measure up to the hundred dollar a jar variety. And they can. 

The problem with that sentence, though, is that it implies that I have some sort of special talents that enable me to make peanut butter that tastes expensive yet delicious. Not so. It was so ridiculously easy to do, I daresay even those who claim they cannot cook pasta could in fact make this peanut butter. 



3 cups of raw, unsalted peanuts (I bought mine for 3 dollars in the nut aisle of Coles! Bargain!)
1 teaspoon good quality sea salt



1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius.
2. Line two baking trays with baking paper, and roughly divide the nuts between each tray.
3. Set the timer for ten minutes, and when it is done, swap the trays over so they get an even dose of heat. (Note: I use a terribly crappy oven, so depending on your oven circumstances you may not need to do this)
4. Repeat this process three times, meaning the nuts will have been in for half an hour. When the timer goes for the third time, remove the nuts from the oven and leave to cool for about ten minutes.
5. Here comes the boring part! If you bought peanuts with their skins still on, now is when you need to do something about that. Grab a small bowl, so you can collect all your de-skinned nuts (lel) together. Pick up a small handful of peanuts and rub them between your palms, saving the nuts for your bowl, and letting the skins fall back onto the tray. Repeat this step, a zillion times.
6. When you have all your nuts sans skin, pop them back in the oven (throw the skins out first) for a final ten minutes.
7. Throw the nuts in your food processor, and process for about 5 minutes. They will go through a few stages; Loud and chunky, peanut flour-esque, a ball of dough rolling around the processor, and finally peanut butter!
8. Here is when you add your sea salt, and process for another couple of seconds.
9. Scoop out and enjoy! This makes around 1 1/2 cups of peanut butter. Or 1 cup, by the time you have tested it thoroughly to ensure the safety of family and friends ;)