Who to give your money to this Christmas (they deserve it)

I don't think people tell a lie when they say that there is an art of giving. Finding a meaningful, useable and desirable present is HARD. It's much easier to pop into your local Kmart and buy a sup par chocolate adjoined to a plastic (insert word here)

But as I've grown older, I have a) come to appreciate the saying 'quality over quantity' and b) realised just how much waste, plastic and otherwise, is associated with Christmas and really just life in general. With all this in mind, I decided to compile a quick list of local Australian businesses who deserve your custom this Christmas. As an added bonus, your family and friends will think you are a Christmas elf/genius/master of giving. 

Pana chocolate - this one probably needs no introduction. They make divine little vegan, ethical, refined sugar free delights. Perfect stocking fillers. 


Jasmine Dowling - This girl hand crafts the most divine prints that are perfect gifts for your girlfriends or loved ones. Even those of us who loathe the idea of motivational quotes (but secretly save them on their phones..aka me) will be wooed by the sassy slogans and beautiful typography.


Vice and Velvet - I stumbled across the Instagram for Vice and Velvet a few months ago, and I have to say I am so so impressed. This lady makes outrageously beautiful and decadent soaps that look absolutely dreamy. Perfect gift for Mum/anyone really, because receiving soap takes on a whole new meaning when its one of these gorgeous things.

Vice and velvet.png

The Seventh Duchess - For the tea lovers among us, The Seventh Duchess makes some gorgeously exotic flavours, inspired by namesakes such as Bora Bora and Bondi, among other things. Even the packaging is on point.


Kester Black - Kester Black nail polishes are vegan, ethical, cruelty free (they tick all the appropriate boxes) and have ridiculous colours for you to choose from. A must have stocking filler.


Green Candle Co - I bought one of these Candles at the latest Finders Keepers Market, and I have to say I can't even open it because it smells that good and I daren't waste it. Hand made in Melbourne, the Chai Latte candle will actually knock your socks off. 

Feliz - Again, another Finders Keepers Market find, I bought the Blue Mountains watercolour pillow, unsure if I was being stupid splashing out on pillows when I was about to go overseas. Never have I made a better decision! I am obsessed with the pillow and it kind of smells like some sort of delicious food I can't put my finger on. Yes. 


Bridget Bodenham - I am unsure if the rest of the population is as obsessed with crockery as I am, but the pieces by Bridget Bodenham are sure to convert you if not. I want my future house to be filled with everything she makes. 


An Organised Life Design - The cutest little notebooks, handmade by Beck in NZ. Yes, in this instance I consider NZ part of Australia. Only in this instance. Lol jokes. But these are super chic, affordable, and make writing 'to do' lists look cool. 



Not necessarily Australian made, but hey. I have realised that this list is pretty much 'what Georgia wants for Christmas', so I thought I may as well include the ones I'm lusting after at the moment. 

-Top With Cinnamon
-Green Kitchen Travels
-Plenty More by Ottolenghi and Tamimi
 -Vibrant Food by Kimberley Hasselbrink
-The Whole Pantry by Healing Belle

I hope this list gives you a few ideas for Christmas. Imagine if everyone made a conscious effort to support small business and say no to rubbishy landfill presents this year! What a difference it would make. Feliz Navidad! (I have that song in my head on a year round basis) xx